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Internet Marketing Review

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How To Track and Test Your Advertising Return On Investment
When using any form of paid traffic in your business you must track and measure its performance as this will give you valuable data enabling you to make the decision to stop, scale or tweak to improve results. Measuring the ROI of paid traffic is simple when you know what to look at which we'll explore in this article keep reading

Don't Do this
I've seen this happen over the years. Heck I've done it myself. But, it gets you no where fast and in fact, is bad for you. Yet, it's so easy to ignore. It's easy to simply stop and change. And I guarantee you'll feel far better for it. What is it? keep reading

Special Report - Better Conversions Using Lead Pages
There are now many different ways to create the different pages you will use on your site. Pages such as opt in pages, registration pages, thank you pages, holding pages and sales pages to name just a few. And then you need to make sure each page has the right elements (in the right place) to make it perform at it's best Here's how to short cut all that work keep reading

How To Overcome Scepticism In Your Marketing
The Internet is a fantastic medium to reach out to your potential customers, clients and prospects yet does have a number of drawbacks. Until recently it was a very faceless environment however with the rapid developments in the ease of use of online video we can bring the online world to life. However there is a lot more we can do to put potential customers at ease and help them buy from us. keep reading

Internet Marketing Is Just Like Dog Training Internet Marketing Is Just Like Dog Training
Zak is now 3 years old and continues to amaze, amuse, anger, astound me as well as making me laugh, smile, shout and love and hate him! My online business is now 18 years old and it still produces similar emotions in me like Zak does! Read on to find out why keep reading

Featured Resources
Video Tutorial On Using Action Scripts in Photoshop To Create Stunning Product Shots Video Tutorial On Using Action Scripts in Photoshop To Create Stunning Product Shots
A nicely designed product shot, whether that's an eBook, DVD, software box, membership card or anything else that you want... will enable your product to stand out. Discover how Photoshop Action Scripts can help you quickly create them. keep reading

Video Resource Form Video Resource Form
If you start to use 'other' people in the videos and DVDs you create then it's good business practice have that person (The Talent) sign a form that gives you permission to use their image without recourse or recompense. All that is required is a simple form that both parties sign. Use this template for your own Video Release Form. keep reading

Website Templates and Graphics Website Templates and Graphics
If you want to pull together a professional looking website then the right template and graphics will give you the edge. Contained in this pack are several website templates including professional looking graphics, testimonial boxes keep reading

Copywriting Course Copywriting Course
Copywriting is a learnable skill and with practice you can start to produce sales letters and adverts that pull in sales for your business day and night. This course is the same one I used first to develop my copywriting skills. It has a keep reading

Customer Service Email Template Customer Service Email Template
As your information marketing business grows so will your sales and customer service emails. Instead of worrying about the number of emails you may receive simply implement this email into your sales autoresponder sequence and watch as keep reading

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